Ambulance Services

Stroke Foundation Uganda


In our commitment to comprehensive stroke care, Stroke Foundation Uganda is proud to introduce our Ambulance Services, ensuring timely and efficient transportation for individuals experiencing stroke-related emergencies. Our dedicated ambulance service plays a crucial role in minimizing the impact of stroke by providing rapid access to medical care.

1. Why Ambulance Services?
Swift Response: Time is of the essence in stroke emergencies. Our ambulances are equipped for quick response, ensuring that stroke survivors receive medical attention promptly.

Specialized Care: Our ambulances are staffed with trained medical professionals who understand the specific needs of stroke patients, providing specialized care during transportation.

2. Key Features of Our Ambulance Services
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs): Our EMTs are trained to handle stroke emergencies, ensuring the provision of immediate care during transit.

Advanced Life Support (ALS): Our ambulances are equipped with advanced life support equipment to address critical situations en route to the hospital.

Stroke Protocol: Our team follows a specialized stroke protocol, ensuring that stroke survivors receive appropriate care from the moment they enter the ambulance until they reach the hospital.

3. How It Works
Emergency Call: Contact our emergency hotline at +256414692507.

Dispatch: Our team will dispatch the nearest stroke-ready ambulance to the location provided.

Onboard Care: Trained EMTs will administer immediate care, including vital sign monitoring and necessary interventions.

Hospital Transfer: Stroke survivors will be transported to a stroke-ready hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

4. Coverage and Availability
Our ambulance services are available across [Specify Coverage Areas].

Ambulances are operational [Specify Hours of Operation] to ensure round-the-clock accessibility.

5. How to Request Ambulance Services
In case of a stroke emergency, dial our emergency hotline at +256414692507.

Provide accurate information about the location and condition of the individual requiring assistance.

Stay on the line for guidance and updates until the ambulance arrives.

6. Supporting Stroke Survivors from the Onset
Stroke Foundation Uganda’s Ambulance Services are a critical component of our holistic approach to stroke care. By providing swift and specialized transportation, we aim to minimize the impact of stroke and improve outcomes for survivors.

Note: Ambulance services are subject to availability and are intended for stroke-related emergencies.