Stroke Foundation Uganda - Research Initiatives


In our pursuit of advancing knowledge and improving outcomes for stroke survivors, Stroke Foundation Uganda is actively involved in research initiatives. Our commitment to evidence-based practices and continuous improvement drives our efforts to contribute valuable insights to the field of stroke prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

1. Research Focus Areas
Epidemiology: Investigating the prevalence and incidence of stroke in Uganda, with a focus on understanding demographic trends and risk factors.

Prevention Strategies: Studying the effectiveness of various prevention strategies, including public health campaigns, lifestyle interventions, and community-based initiatives.

Treatment Modalities: Evaluating the efficacy of different treatment modalities, including medical interventions, rehabilitation approaches, and post-stroke care models.

Community Impact: Assessing the impact of stroke on communities, families, and individuals, and identifying ways to enhance support and awareness.

2. Collaborative Partnerships
Academic Collaborations: Collaborating with academic institutions to conduct research studies, share knowledge, and contribute to the academic discourse on stroke.

Healthcare Providers: Partnering with healthcare facilities to gather data, assess treatment outcomes, and implement best practices.

International Research Networks: Engaging with global research networks to stay informed about the latest developments in stroke research and contribute to international studies.

3. How You Can Contribute
Participate in Research Studies: Individuals and families affected by stroke are invited to

4. Contact Information
For inquiries related to our research initiatives, please contact our Research Department:

Phone: +256414692507
5. Acknowledgments
We extend our gratitude to all individuals, organizations, and partners who contribute to and support our research initiatives. Together, we strive to make meaningful advancements in stroke care and prevention.