Who we are

Our Background

Stroke Foundation Uganda is a charity organization/Non-profit established in 2014 as a support group for stroke survivors and registered on 26th, April 2017. The organization and affiliated to Uganda Non-communicable Diseases and also a member to the Uganda
alliance of patient’s organization The establishment of stroke foundation Uganda is to work with stroke survivors, caregivers, health professionals, government and public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Uganda community.

Our Purpose

We are the voice of stroke in Uganda,We create two-way conversations with the community, health professionals and governments to advocate for better health outcomes for all Ugandans affected by stroke.
We work across the stroke journey,supporting stroke survivors, carers, health professionals, governments and the public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Ugandan Community.
We ensure people understand how stroke can be prevented and by learning the signs of stroke and acting quickly, the outcomes for those who have strokes can be significantly improved.
We work to ensure all people who have strokes are treated from specialized facilities and discharged with appropriate care plans and support.
We rely on the generosity of the community too



To advocate for stroke prevention and better health outcomes for all ugandans affected by stroke


A world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke