Community Stroke Volunteers

Community Stroke Volunteers

 Stroke Foundation Uganda has 5 Community Stroke Volunteers (CSVs), visiting stroke survivors, and their family to monitor their compliance with the advice given to them.

Community Stroke Volunteers (CSVs) are professional social workers for stroke survivors and families, that aim to help stroke survivors realize their full potential for recovery and well-being following a stroke so that can fit back into the community. These free visits have helped many stroke survivors regain life after a stroke thus benefiting their community.


What do csv do?

The CSVs ;

  • Works with stroke survivors, family, and other carers to assess needs, Develops an action plan to meet current needs and to achieve specific goals in partnership with the client, collaborating with other health professionals as required
  • Offers support, information, and advice to build knowledge and skills that assist effective adaptation to disability and minimize the risk of further strokes.

The Information includes;

 causes and risk factors, prevention tips, importance of treatment and rehabilitation therapies with the support of well-wishers and friends. And how to spot a stroke. Supports working-age people to return to work with reassurance letters.

  • Provide advocacy support where clients face barriers to accessing services and advise on the cheapest ways to attain the goals of rehabilitation to those in hard-to-reach areas.